I love this time of year.  For sports, I mean.  Weather-wise it sucks.  I hate the fall.  It means colder weather, more rain, leaves to rake, gutters to clean out, etc.  But for sports, fall is awesome.  The World Series is going on.  The NFL is is full swing and getting interesting.  College football games start meaning the difference between a bowl game and well, not a bowl game.  The NBA is gearing up for the opening of the regular season.  And if the NHL owners and players weren’t a bunch of jackwagons, they’d be starting their season as well.

World Series:

You gotta love the Giants!  They’re on fire right now.  The Kung Fu Panda crushed it in Game 1.  The Tigers are good, no doubt about it, but the Giants have one guy on their team right now that is unbeatable.  His name?  Mo Mentum.



What kind of a world do we live in where the Falcons are undefeated and the Saints are 2-4?  Nuff said.


College Football:

I’m an Oregon fan.  The BCS rankings don’t really bother me…. yet.  I know the Ducks, or the PAC-12 in general, doesn’t get enough respect.  That’s ok.  I understand that Oregon’s strength of schedule is a little lacking this year.  That’s ok, too.  But No. 4?  Come on!  They’ve decimated all of their opponents this year.  Before halftime.

There are several teams I think are overrated.  Florida.  Definitely Notre Dame.  Ohio State (always overrated!)  Kansas State is good, and they’ve creamed the teams they were supposed to cream, but they barely beat Oklahoma and almost lost to Iowa St.  They still have to play Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor and Texas.  Of course, they were scheduled to play Oregon this year but backed out.  I’m just saying.  The reality is, all of these things will sort themselves out.  Only one team from the SEC will be undefeated.  K State can’t slip up.  Oregon has to win out.  It will all take care of itself.  I do think, however, a great match-up for the national championship would be Oregon and Alabama.

It’s funny how college football affects me, though.  I find myself rooting for the strangest teams.  I’m yelling for Georgia to capitalize on turnovers by Florida.  I really really want Texas Tech to play well against Kansas St.  I am soooo cheering for Oklahoma against ND.  Funny.

By the way, as an Oregon Duck fan, I’m probably committing an in-state felony right now, but let’s give three cheers for the Oregon State Beavers.  Undefeated and ranked #7!  Nice to see.  Mike Riley has done a phenomenal job with his team.  I hope they win all of their games. Except one.  (The Civil War game, of course!)