In my post the other day, perhaps I failed to convey the most important factor in my interest in the NHL playoffs.  That would be how exciting the games have been!  There have been 18 overtimes in the 40-some odd games, an NHL playoff record.  There’s nothing more exciting than sudden death in sports!  And most of the games that didn’t go into overtime were decided by one goal.  That’s exciting!  Anyway, just wanted to convey the real reason behind my support of the NHL.

By the way, I mentioned our local junior hockey team in that same post.  Congratulations are in order for the Portland Winterhawks!  They are the Western Conference Champions!  Next it’s on to the WHL finals against the big, bad Edmonton Oil Kings!  You know they are bad ass because they’re not just the “Oilers,” they’re the “Oil Kings.”

But that’s ok, the Winterhawks are bad ass, too.  Just look at their logo: