The Portland Trailblazers have secured the 6th spot in the West, and will face the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday in the first game of their first-round playoff series.  Tip-off is set for 6:30 Pacific time  in Dallas on ESPN.

My hat is off to Blazers coach Nate McMillan.  He’s done an incredieble job with the team this season.  In spite of all the injuries, trades and personnel available, he’s managed to keep the team focused and engaged.  Think about how many different line-ups the team has had.  Think  about how different the team is now compared with the beginning of the season.

At the start of the year, there was no Wes Matthews, no Gerald Wallace.  Brandon Roy was the starting go-to guy.  Lemarcus Aldridge hadn’t made the magical transformation that we see today.  And through it all, Nate has kept the team winning and playing well together.  And here we are on the eve of the playoffs and they have an excellent chance to beat the Mavs and move on past the first round.

Bad news if you’re a “not-a-Laker-fan,”   Bynum just has a bone bruise and should be ready for the playoffs.  Bummer.  On the other hand, Kobe got fined 100 grand for his homophobic slur.  F$%^ ing stupid f(*$#.