Lots of things on my mind, not much time to write it all down.\\Forgive me father, for it has been a week since my last post.


I had some more comments about the NCAA tournament and the BCS committee.  I really hope the BCS is paying attention.  Think about this:  If the NCAA tournament were run like the BCS, the Final Four would have been Duke, Ohio State, Pitt and Kansas.  None of those teams actually made it to the Final Four.  In fact, none of the top eight teams in the tournament made it that far.

And yet, the tournament didn’t suffer for it.  The little guys were just as exciting to watch.  And again, all of the smaller colleges, the “Mid Majors” as they’re called, know that they, too can make it that far.  The BCS has a long way to go toward improving their system.  And of course, because it’s all driven by money, you won’t see any changes anytime soon.  Just food for thought.


Meanwhile, the NBA playoffs are about to begin.  The Blazers have secured the 6th spot in the West, although they don’t know yet what team they’ll play.  And the Lakers are looking a little shabby  (Yay!), and lost Bynum at least for the beginning of the playoffs. (Yay again!)


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