Just watched the NCAA Championship game.  Congratulations to the UConn Huskies.  I was rooting for the Butler Bulldogs, mostly because they were the underdogs, but you can’t win if you only shoot 18% in the second half.  A few more made three pointers and Butler would have still been in the game.  Give UConn credit, though.  They played tough defense in the paint, and made it tough to get even a lay-up.

It wasn’t one of those down-to-the-wire, last second shot kind of games (those are reserved for the earlier rounds of the tournament), but it was pretty entertaining.

Clark Kellogg made a good point – He said the reason VCU was in the tournament was because of Butler.  Butler made it possible for the impossible to happen.  Their inspired performance last year let every mid-major school feel like it was possible to get there.  Nice job, Butler.

I guess you would never see a Butler or a VCU in a Bowl Championship game.  College football needs to take a lesson from NCAA hoops.   Let the little guy know he still has a shot.

If I were Nostradomus, I would just say that Jim Calhoun has coached his last game.  I think he retires after this game.  After all, why not go out on top?  Besides, if he doesn’t retire, he’d just have to resign in a few months, after the UConn program gets scrutinized by the NCAA, gets sanctions slapped on them, and has to vacate this championship, anyway.  Just sayin’.